Hello and welcome to Swiss Ski School at Stoos

(stoos, canton schwyz, switzerland)

Dear guests

The Swiss Ski School Stoos looks forward to welcoming you to the beautiful Stoos mountains. Our highly motivated, well-trained and experienced team is looking forward to sharing their enthusiasm for snow sports with you.
We are in the middle of our preparations for the coming winter. Use the online booking now and reserve your place in our ski and snowboard school.

We wish you an exciting and relaxing holiday.


For questions we can be reached at info@skischule-stoos.ch














Helm Hauptsponsor


Skijacken Co-Sponsoren

https://www.goldtest.ch/ https://www.suter-sport.ch/ https://vanora.ch/


Die Schweizer Skischule Stoos dankt auch allen Freunden und Gönnern für ihre Beiträge.