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Group lessons

Group lessons ski for children

Group lessons ski for children

Our lessons are packed with lots fun and action, so that they ensure a positive learning environment. All groups are graded. It is aimed that all children within the groups are on equal level

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Group lessons ski for adults

Group lessons ski for adults

What is more thrilling than jointly conquering the most beautiful slopes on skis? The most constructif way to improve your technical skills is to share these experiences with your collegues and friends

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Group lessons for snowboard

Group lessons for snowboard

With both practice and enthusiasm, you will make progress very rapidly. Our week-end courses guarantee improvement of your skills, regardless on which level you start.

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Group lessons ski and snowboard for both children and adults

  • Age 5 years or older
  • From Monday to Friday
  • From 10.00 to 13.00 hours
  • A short tea break will be included
  • Beginners can only start on Mondays
  • To join a beginner’s class at any later date does not make much sense. Beginners have, however, the option to catch up at the Piccolo’s group or alternatively with Private Lessons.
  • Please ensure to book well ahead of time.
  • A group consists of 5+ participants. Lessons will be held for less than 5 participants. Should there be less participants the teaching time will be reduced as follows: 1 pers. = 1 hour, 2 pers. = 1.5 hrs, 3 pers. = 2 hrs, 4 pers. = 2.5 hrs
  • Our race for skiers and snowboarders is included in the price.
  • Distribution of prices and medals in the presence of Snowli: Friday at 12.45 hrs.
  • Swiss Snow League certificate after a minimum participation of 4 days
  • Exclusive lift pass.

Reservation is mandatory

  • Reservation online. Payment by credit card
  • Reservation per mail or phone. Payment in cash over the counter
  • Please note that online booking will no longer be possible on the last 4 days prior to the starting date. Please contact the office. There may be an open slot.

This school follows the methodology of Swiss Snow Sports.

  • There are 6 levels available reaching from beginners to very advanced
  • On Mondays there will be an entry test in order to arrange groups of skiers within the range of skills as close as possible.
  • The meeting point for the group Snow Garden is in the Kids Village (beneath the office).
  • The meeting point for the groups Blue Prince to Black Academy is at the assembly place next to the office.
  • From Tuesday onwards first-timers will enter the groups via private lessons or tuition in the group Piccolo
  • Group lessons will be held in all weather conditions..




1 day at 3 hours Fr. 55.-
3 days at 3 hours Fr. 150.-
5 days at 3 hours Fr. 225.-


  • We accept VISA and Mastercard 
  • Cash payments are accetable in Swiss Francs and Euros only.


  • Getting to know the skis and the snow
  • Walking, climbing uphill (turning)
  • Skiing along the falling line with skis parallel and stopping
  • First changes of direction away from the falling line



  • Climbing uphill by side stepping and herring bone
  • Gliding and stopping in snow plough position
  • Skiing with skis parallel with steps and tricks
  • Turns in snow plough position left and right


  • Traversing and tricks
  • Side slipping
  • Skiing with skis parallel over easy bumps and jumps
  • Turns in snow plough position on easy slopes


  • Turning in a miniature slalom jungle and in a set course
  • Skiing over bumps and dips
  • Skiing backwards (switch) with skis in V-shape with turns
  • Snow plough turns on a blue slope


  • Stopping in parallel position
  • Turning steps on an easy slops
  • Walzing
  • Skidding parallel turns


  • Short turns on an easy slope
  • Skating steps on a flat slope
  • Basic Air (small kicker)
  • Parallel turns in all radii


  • Parallel turns through a corridor of slalom gates and a set course
  • Skidded parallel turns backwards (switch)
  • Turns on one ski on an easy slope
  • Short turns on an intermediate slope


  • Short turns with poles planting on a difficult slope
  • Jumps: Straigths and Fifty/Fifty over a box
  • Parallel turns off-piste
  • Parallel turns carved on a wide easy slope



With the Swiss Snow League and the Swiss Snow Academy, the Swiss Ski Schools offer a unique training programme designed especially for their guests of all levels, from beginners to experts.For the specially trained instructors, the focus whilst teaching snowsports is on safety, creating a good atmosphere and having fun in the snow.

  • Race
  • Freestyle
  • Freeride

Brettgewöhnung und erstes Fahren am Hang

Getting used to the snowboard and edging on the training slope

Accoutumance à la planche et première descente sur une pente

Abituarsi alla tavola e prime discese sul pendio

Gerutschte Schwünge und Liftfahren

Sliding turns and using the T-bar lift

Virage dérapé et montée au téléski

Curve derapate e risalita con lo scilift

Drehschwünge und einfache Tricks

Turns using rotation techniques and easy tricks

Virage par rotation et tricks facile

Curve per rotazione e primi facili tricks

Switch Schwünge und erste Basic Tricks im Snowpark

Riding switch and first basic tricks in the snowpark

Virage switch et premier basic tricks dans le park

Curve switch e primi tricks di base nel park

Streck- und Beugeschwünge, Ollie / N´Ollie und 180° auf der Piste

Turns using stretching and bending techniques, ollie / n´ollie
and 180° on the slope

Virage par extension/flexion, Ollie / N’ollie et 180° sur la piste

Curve per estensione e piegamento, ollie / n’ollie e 180° sulla pista

Gecarvte Schwünge, Slide und Ollie / N´Ollie 180°, Basic Air

Carved turns, slide and ollie / n´ollie 180°, basic air

Virage carvé, slide et Ollie / N’ollie 180°, Basic Air

Curve carving, slide e ollie / n’ollie 180°, basic air